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Maintenance Department

A wide range of services is being executed by this Department such as Replacement of Child Water System, Central A/C system, Trouble Shooting, Preventive Maintenance, Application of HERESITE protective coating, duct cleaning etc.

We have one of the best Preventive Maintenance Program for all leading A/C equipment and have been always greatly appreciated by manufacturers for

extensively extending the service life of equipment. We strictly follow manufacturers recommendation and kept ourselves with the pace of fast growing technology.

Our multinational - thoroughly trained technicians provides 24 hours services, which prevents frequent breakdowns.

Heresite protective coating .

Highly protective coating specially formulated for Corrosive environment, Humidity effects, Salt atmosphere and resistance to Chemical fumes with several other advantages

Recommended to use on condenser Coils A/C units, construction equipment, Marine equipment ,Steel plants, Chemical plants, Sewage disposal plants Underground and Underwater services .

Duct Cleaning .

Our unique Duct cleaning system with Video / TV assisted “State of Art “ machine has kept us on par with our competitors .

* Watch us on Monitor while we can clean contaminated Air Ducts.

* Disinfecting of ducts after cleaning with chemical recommended by Environmental protection Association . U S A